Package mx4j.remote.rmi

Class Summary
ClientInvoker An MBeanServerConnection that "converts" the MBeanServerConnection calls to RMIConnection calls, performing wrapping of parameters and/or the needed actions.
ClientUnmarshaller An MBeanServerConnection proxy that performs the setting of the appropriate context classloader to allow classloading of classes sent by the server but not known to the client, in methods like MBeanServerConnection.getAttribute(, java.lang.String), MBeanServerConnection.invoke(, java.lang.String, java.lang.Object[], java.lang.String[]) and so on.
Marshaller IMPORTANT: see RMIMarshaller
RMIConnectionInvoker An RMIConnection that "converts" remote calls to MBeanServer calls, performing unwrapping of parameters and/or the needed actions.
RMIConnectionProxy Base class for RMIConnection dynamic proxies.
RMIConnectionSubjectInvoker An RMIConnection proxy that wraps the call into a Subject.doAsPrivileged(,, invocation, in order to execute the code under subject-based security, and to perform subject delegation.
RMIRemoteNotificationClientHandler RMI-specific RemoteNotificationClientHandler.

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