Interface Summary
Connection Represents a connection between a client and a server.
ConnectionManager A ConnectionManager is a server-side object that acts as the factory for new connections and manages the authentication details.

Class Summary
AbstractConnection Implementation of the Connection interface, to be used on the server-side end of the connection.
AbstractConnectionManager Implementation of the ConnectionManager interface that implements emission of connection notifications, authentication, and proper closing of connections.
AbstractJMXConnector Abstract implementation of the JMXConnector interface.
AbstractJMXConnectorServer Extends the implementation of JMXConnectorServer by implementing most JMXConnectorServer methods following the JSR 160 specification and delegating implementation specific operations using the template method pattern.
AbstractServerInvoker This class implements partially the JMXConnection interface to forward the calls to an MBeanServerConnection object (hence the name 'invoker').
JMXConnectionHandler This handler manages the operations related to the connection itself, such as JMXConnectionHandler.close(), AbstractConnection.getConnectionId().
JMXConnectionMBeanServerConnection Abstract implementation of an adapter that converts MBeanServerConnection calls to JMXConnection calls.
PasswordAuthenticator Implementation of the JMXAuthenticator interface to be used on server side to secure access to JMXConnectorServers.

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