Package mx4j.server

Interface Summary
MBeanInvoker Invokes methods on standard MBeans.
MBeanMetaData Objects of this class hold metadata information about MBeans.
MBeanRepository The MBeanServer implementation delegates to implementations of this interface the storage of registered MBeans.

Class Summary
BCELMBeanInvoker MBeanInvoker that generates on-the-fly implementations to call standard MBeans directly, instead of using reflection.
CachingReflectionMBeanInvoker Caching MBeanInvoker that uses reflection to invoke on MBean instances.
ChainedMBeanServer Base class for chained MBeanServers.
ChainedMBeanServerBuilder Base class for chained MBeanServerBuilders.
DefaultClassLoaderRepository Default implementation of a ClassLoaderRepository
MBeanIntrospector Introspector for MBeans.
MBeanMetaData.Factory Factory class that creates instance of the MBeanMetaData interface.
ModifiableClassLoaderRepository Base class to extend to create custom ClassLoaderRepositories.
MX4JMBeanServer The MX4J MBeanServer implementation.
MX4JMBeanServerBuilder This class is responsible for creating new instances of MBeanServerDelegate and MBeanServer.
MX4JMBeanServerDelegate The MBeanServerDelegate subclass typical of the MX4J implementation.
ReflectionMBeanInvoker Stateless MBeanInvoker that uses reflection to invoke on MBean instances.

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